General characteristics of the online store

At web design Birmingham, creating simple-to-use web pages with an optimized interface that enhances the user experience is one of the agency's areas of specialization.

Here are the general characteristics a typical online store which is ready to convert sales must have:

  1. The orders, clients and products are stored in a database of easy consultation via web-administration.
  2. Customers can check the history and status of their orders once registered
  3. Customers can change their user profile data from their client section.
  4. Shipping prices by weight, destination and price.
  5. Multiple shipping addresses per user
  6. Product search through various field
  7. Possibility of allowing users to value the products purchased, in addition to commenting on them.
  8. Global or category list of the most sold, most viewed and newest product on offer
  9. Easy and intuitive navigation by categories.
  10. Online payment systems (virtual POS and Paypal) and offline (transfers and cash on delivery
  11. Connection with platforms such as Google Shopping and the possibility of sharing products on social networks.
  12. The products will be classified by manufacturer and/or brand and families.
  13. Each product will have a descriptive sheet with different photographs, price and description.
  14. Dynamic relationships between products generating related products.
  15. Descriptions of products based on HTML.
  16. Each product will incorporate different photographs and the possibility of attaching pdf, technical characteristics or links.
  17. Automatic generation of featured products.
  18. Lead generation, sales conversion, and customer satisfaction are the goals of e-commerce. When you reach out to web design Birmingham for your proposed e-commerce site, be rest assured a site embedded with the features above will be delivered unto you.